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Manasi's BIO

Manasi is multifaceted. She is an educator, artist, writer and social entrepreneur.


Manasi began training in art as a child and is an expert in different art techniques.


At age five, she began her career as a classical dancer, where she performed on stage for many years. 

She teaches entrepreneurship. Through her art and writing, she studies the social impact of grassroots entrepreneurship. 

In Teaching entrepreneurship through storytelling, through her art and writing she helps readers learn about the social impact of grassroots entrepreneurship.

In 'Daily Musings with Manasi', she shares advice on art techniques and tips. Here she writes on topics

in art that are hardly talked much, an example is her article on mistakes even experienced artists can make. 

Read the article here.

Manasi wants to give back to children and adults by inspiring them to be creative.

Please contact if you need more details about Manasi's work.

Manasi's art essentials

M's essentials screenshots.png

What the process looks like


(c)Manasi Katragadda

(c)Manasi Katragadda


(c)Manasi Katragadda

(c)Manasi Katragadda

Other trivia about Manasi

Manasi's sketchbook and notebook travel with her everywhere.


On her travels, you'll usually see Manasi with a sketchbook, some pens and brushes.

She'll most likely be drawing or using colors to capture sights.


In her notebook, she writes interesting things she notices. 

For many years Manasi been sketching in notebooks. 

That inspired her to begin 'Travel diaries by Manasi', a place where she could share her collection of sketches.

The link to her sketches can be found here.

What's on Manasi's desk

One thing that is usually next to Manasi's paintings is a big 

container of brushes. She uses them when at her desk.

(c)Manasi Katragadda

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